Dr. Ali Abu Sedra

Law expert in Petrochemicals, Former Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Oil, Libya

Dr. Ali Abu Sedra is a pioneer in the field of law and has played a prominent role in leading international businesses and projects. He advises and provides services on legal, negotiation and strategic matters to governments, organizations, institutions, bodies and individuals alike.


Dr. Abu Sedra graduated from the Faculty of Law in Benghazi in 1977 and worked as a legal advisor to petrochemicals affiliated to the Ministry of Oil in Libya. He holds a Diploma in International Organizations, a Master of International Law and a PhD in International Economics Law from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, where he now provides research expertise in international investment law as a visiting professor.


Dr. Abu Sedra has provided services to many countries and governments, including the Governments of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, China, Dubai, Qatar, Vietnam, and the British Foreign Office. Dr. Abu Sedra has also advised many governmental bodies and institutions, including the Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace, Abu Dhabi Ministry of Economy, Qatar Cabinet Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Palm Island, Dubai Customs, Ajman University, and Abu Dhabi Higher Economic Zones Corporation.


 Dr. Abu Sedra has provided advisory services to the Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and Chairman of the Qatar Investment Authority. He was twice appointed Chairman of the Libyan Investment Corporation, but withdrew from consideration. Abu Sedra also conducts specialized courses in international law for sovereign portfolios and participates in the formation of international standards which govern these portfolios. He has special relations with the largest international portfolios in the world.


Dr. Abu Sedra has participated in several high profile negotiations, including: UAE negotiation with the White House on free trade agreements between the UAE and United States; negotiation of the oil and gas sharing agreements between Sharjah and Ajman; and negotiation with the International Criminal Court on the case of lawyers detained in Libya who were sent by the ICC. Dr. Abu Sedra provides consultations to States on issues of dispute before the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.