Aylin Ünver Noi

Senior Fellow
Transatlantic Leadership Network (Turkey)

Aylin Ünver Noi is Associate Professor of International Relations at Istinye University, Istanbul. She is also non-resident Senior Fellow at Transatlantic Leadership Network (TLN) based in Washington DC and member of the Board and Advisory Council of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (FACM) based in Valencia.

She was visiting fellow (2014-2015) and non-resident Senior Fellow (2015-2108) at the Center for Transatlantic Relations (CTR) at the Johns Hopkins University SAIS. Ünver Noi was affiliated as Associate Researcher at European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation – MEDEA, in Brussels. She taught “International Politics of the European Union I-II” courses at the European Union Institute (a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence) at Marmara University (2015-2017) in Istanbul. She was Director of European Union Application and Research Center at the Gedik University (2015-2016).

She holds a B.A. from the Department of International Relations at Bilkent University in Ankara, and a M.A. and Ph.D. from the European Union Institute at Marmara University in Istanbul. She is the author of the books Avrupa’da Yükselen Milliyetcilik- The Rise of Nationalism in Europe (IQ yayincilik, 2007) and The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative: Competing or Complementary Projects? (University Press of America, 2011) as well as several scholarly articles and chapters published in journals and edited book volumes. She is the editor of the book Islam and Democracy: Perspectives on the Arab Spring (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013), and with Sasha Toperich she is the co-editor of Challenges of Democracy in the European Union and Its Neighbors (SAIS/CTR, 2016) and Turkey and Transatlantic Relations (SAIS/CTR, 2017). Her latest book Turkey in the North Atlantic Marketplace (SAIS/CTR, 2018) co-edited with Daniel S. Hamilton and Serdar Altay. Her forthcoming book is entitled as Değişen Dünyada Avrupa Birliği ve Türkiye: Strateji Belgeleri Üzerinden bir Değerlendirme (European Union and Turkey in the Changing World: An Assessment on Strategy Documents) (SETA, 2019).

She had a blog with the Huffington Post from 2014-2018. She writes Opinion for Anadolu Agency since 2017. She regularly appears on TV channels, radios and newspapers.